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Anders Uhlin,

Arabic is a fascinating and beautiful language, but trying to learn it can often feel like a big challenge.

My own Arabic studies began back in the mid-1970's, in my home town of Stockholm, Sweden. I started out with one single book and learned the pronunciation by listening to Linguaphone grammophone records.

It soon became necessary to buy another book, and after some time yet another. After initially studying at home, I went on to study on the academic level. Travels, scholarships and many years of living and working in the Arab World, added new dimensions to the learning experience.

Having learned Arabic "the hard way", I began working on the idea of designing an Arabic course that would make it as easy as possible for people to learn this magnificent language. This is how was born. gives you the opportunity to try and see if you enjoy learning Arabic, without committing yourself to costly course materials. Once you have completed the online course, the course is continued in the Learn Arabic Easy e-book, and you can download the first 9 lessons for free. has been designed to make your learning experience easy and enjoyable:

  • A simple layout with large-size examples, makes reading easy on the eye.

  • Clutter-free pages, with no more text than necessary, help you focus on the essentials.

  • Colour-coded Arabic text makes it easy to distinguish between the different letter forms.

  • Clickable audio files let you hear and learn the correct pronunciation.

I hope you will enjoy learning Arabic with and the Learn Arabic Easy e-book!

Anders B. Uhlin

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